Spring is not yet “sprung”

Here in Portland Oregon, our “endless winter” looks like rain going on much longer than most people wish it would. Honestly, a little sunshine wouldn’t kill me since I DO love a nice bright garden and flowers. Since I’m trying not to create too much inventory for my Etsy shop, I have to use my creativity in other ways. Today, that involved 2 new large planters for our back patio and 4 “window planters” for my kids. Unfortunately I didn’t get to my barrel planters, which I have two for the front porch to do and one for the back yard. (Hope I can do that tomorrow, even though it will be in the 50’s and possibly raining) When you’re renting that is a simple way to spruce up your yard and add curb appeal WHILE being able to “take it with you” when you move.

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